I am Vildsyster. Hello! 😊

I consciously began living a Pagan life in 1994 and over the years, I dipped my toes in many different paths until I found my feet on the path of Hearthcraft and Druidry.

What is Hearthcraft? Hearthcraft is the spiritual path of those who believe that spirituality begins at home as the home is the spiritual centre and the essential element within our practice. Hearthcraft is a simple, practical, domestic and family-oriented craft that does without uncomplicated practice and rituals and instead works with intent using what you can find in and around home and garden.

Many people think of Druidry and Getafix with his white robe, white beard and golden sickle springs to mind. Naturally, the belief systems and ideas of ancient Druidry are no longer readily accessible, however, over centuries Druidry has gone through many cycles of renewing and reviving, and today we are looking at a form of Neo-Druidry that reconnects with the cycles of life, the spirits of nature, the ancestors and their gods. Druids share a belief in the fundamentally spiritual nature of life. Nature forms an important focus in Druidry and all Druids consider Nature as divine and sacred. A spiritual path aiming to see nature as one, where no creature or aspect has supremacy over the other.

I hope you enjoy the snippets of my life which could potentially cover witchcraft, spiritual development, gardening, recipes, foraging, crafting, sewing, photography, travelling, the occasional philosophical blurb and even cultural anthropology. Make yourself comfortable while I get the kettle on 💚.

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