Snow Moon

26 Feb

Friday... one day before full moon. You werewolves out there wrap up warm because the temperatures are anything but comfortable this time of year. 
I have been considering making some full moon water for the plants. Apparently, they really thrive when you feed them with moon charged water. Must be like coffee for me. So I might give it a go if I don't forget. 

February is Snow Moon. Because it snows a lot around this time - at least in the Northern Hemisphere. But Snow Moon is also known as Hunger Moon, as in February our ancestors had to ensure that their leftover food from the winter would see them far enough to welcome spring. We are basically looking at a transitional moon from winter to spring. And as it is with all transitions, you should not expect everything to go smoothly. But don't fret. Chaos bears potential. Is there something you are not happy with, something that you wanted to get rid of for a while? Any clutter you have been meaning to bring to the tip (not necessarily actual clutter, you get the idea), then off you go, dump it, leave it behind. Clear the way for spring. 

And if you want to do something nice for your houseplants, get some empty bottles, fill them with tap water and leave them outside in the moonshine - we all deserve a treat every now and again. The show starts on Saturday, Feb 27, at 8:17 am.

Now, where did I put my bottles....? 

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