05 Mar

I have noticed that a lot of magical folk create and use sigils. Sigils while being used a lot are often not really understood by many, which really is a shame and a dangerous at that as they are a lot more powerful than many people think.

The power of a sigil lays in its actual creation, and the intention behind it which is being transformed into the magical symbol which - similar to a affirmation or mantra - find its way into the creator's subconscious. Basically by creating a sigil you seed an affirmation into your subconscious. Which brings me to an important note: people who sell sigils (of which there are quite a few) have not really understood the idea behind them. It's true! Since the idea behind the symbol is to manifest in your subconscious while creating it, a sigil created for you by someone else is powerless and you should probably spend your hard earned money on something a little more useful.

Sigils stem from Chaos magic and apart from the fact that they have been around for a rather long time, there is not that much known about them which also means that there are hardly any rules in regards to creating them (I mean apart from that you have to create your own). I suppose one could say that the creation of sigils is highly intuitive and leaves comfortable room for personal experimentation. And if you know me, you know how much I appreciate if I don't have to follow rules and am able to use my own head and intuition.

Since there is no definitive way of creating a sigil, you will over time develop your very own method, and make use of your very own materials, too. Whether it be pen and paper, or whatever else you want to use - I like creating them on wax, and melt them down again once I no longer have use for them. It really is down to you as long as you are sure about your intentions.

Firstly figure out your intentions as to why you are creating a sigil and make sure you really know what your intentions are. Once you know you should sum up your intention into a short sentence written in present tense (with a "will" phrasing you will push the intention away from you). The shorter the sentence the simpler the sigil will be. Of course this is up to you, depending on how artistic you are. I personally am not very artistic so I prefer to keep it short and on point. Also, shorter sentences, similar to the affirmations in EFT, are easier to keep in mind and to embed in your subconscious. Also, try to be exact. "I want a good job" is less potent than for example "I am a successful XYZ". Furthermore - if possible - try and avoid negative wording, for example rather than saying "I don't smoke" try something along the lines of "I drop the bad habit of smoking".

Once you know your intentions, write your sentence on a piece of paper, and cross out every vowel.

For example:
I am loved and happy = mlvdndhppy

Then remove the repeating letters in what is left of your sentence:
mlvdndhppy = mlvdndhpy

The letters MLVDNDHPY form the base symbols of your sigil.

Now you need to form your symbols into one single glyph. This takes a bit of practise, so feel free to experiment and even pretty the whole sigil up a bit if you want. Move letters around, break them up (for example a T into two single lines). This is your creative space and all that matters at the end is that you are happy with your sigil. Remember it is yours and yours alone.

You can use your sigil wherever you like. Carry it on a piece of paper, turn it into jewellery (you could use fimo or similar to do so), depending on the intention you could even add them to food, for example on the bottom of a loaf of bread or as decoration of a cake.

But remember, if you want to use the sigil, you do have to activate it and you have to do this every time you use your sigil. You can do this either in a ritual environment, or if you are a little bit more experienced you can do it on the go as long as you can focus on your intentions without any distraction. Either way you do it, make sure that your sigil is in plain and clear view and focus on the phrase you put behind the sigil. Focus on the sigil until it literally starts to dance in front of your eyes. This is often referred to as "warping" and will only last for a few seconds before the sigil is still again, but now charged and activated.

I think it is important to point out that there are different ways of creating sigils, charging them and activating them. What I write about is my method and by no means do you have to agree with it or follow it.

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