Lunar Eclipses

04 Jun

In January 2020 started with several of planets aligning for the first time in decades, some of them hadn't seen each other in centuries. So 2020 started off rather special and look where  (and how) is has gone so far... ๐Ÿคจ.

Additionally to these aligning planets, we are looking at a total of six eclipses in 2020. That is, in fact, the maximum number of eclipses that can occur in one calendar year. We are looking at the first lunar eclipse tomorrow, June 5 and then at another on June 21, followed by a Solar Eclipse on July 5. Just to name three of them visiting us back to back.

So what does make an eclipse so special, from a spiritual point of view? In astrology, eclipses occur in the Moon Nodes which represent destiny, purpose and karma. Lunar eclipses do activate these three points and can cause transformation in pretty much every area of your life. Lunar eclipses can set your life at edge, in fact, they are often said to cause crisis. Everything can seem rather overpowering and you might be faced with unexpected and impulsive decisions to make. Overall your life can suddenly feel quite dramatic with a lot of decision looming over your head, decisions that you don't necessarily want to make.

But don't worry. Fact is, that lunar eclipses only bring to the surface what is bound to happen anyway. They shift emphasis on what really matters, and to topics and issues that need addressing. They speed up decisions that you should have made a long time ago. They push you into making that final step and shut down existing situations that you might not have been happy with for a long time without either knowing it, or wanting to openly admit to it. Overall you could say that lunar eclipses make space for new opportunities in your life.

You might be faced with questions such as: is my relationship really as good as it should be or am I not secretly dreaming about making a new start? Is this office job really as good as I think, or should I maybe make my dream come true and become a farmer. But it does not even have to be as dramatic and radical. It could be simple decisions such as: should I cut my hair? Should I throw out all my clothes and start dressing like I have always wanted to.

2020 will be a year of decisions, but do keep in mind: all these decisions are decisions that should have been made a long time ago. The lunar eclipses are just helping you on the way. Unfortunately not necessarily in a nice way, as they tend to be pushy at time and tell you to make a decision NOW. But keep in mind: no matter how pushed you might feel, decisions do need time.

My advice to you is: if you feel like a change is necessary, do not dismiss it. Trust your instincts. But plan for any changes, be realistic about what it possible, and what is not. Simply go with the flow. Take action when you are sure that the time is right.

Despite all the bad things so far, maybe 2020 will be your after all? ๐ŸŒ™

Eclipses 2020:

January 10Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral, Full Moon)
June 5
Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral, Full Moon)
June 21
Solar Eclipse (Annular, New Moon)
July 4
Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral, Full Moon)
November 30
Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral, Full Moon)
December 14
Solar Eclipse (Annular, New Moon)

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