Hearthcraft - welcome

05 Mar

Welcome to Hearthcraft, my new blog.

Over the last years I have not been very good at keeping a blog, but I promise to better myself. I think my biggest issue has been to find things to write about. I think I thought that a blog need to provide the best(est) and most informative and exciting and amusing content, and since my life is not as exciting as other bloggers' lives, I never really bothered posting. I mean, what is so interesting about me buying a new candle for my living room, or the fact that my little parrot can finally say "night night baby".

Then, after following more people on Instagram, and myself posting more on Instagram, I realised something: my blog is my blog, and my blog is about my life. And my life might not be exciting, and I might not be an influencer, or overly creative, but it is my life, and I think I should simply post whatever I want. And I will. I suppose what I am trying to say is simple: Hearthcraftis a personal blog about my life, my content might be great, or boring, daft, sad, critical, or simple day-to-day chat, but it is my life. And I love my life.

And you know what else I love? The fact that you are here, reading this. Thank you! x

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