Happy Winter Solstice! ❄️☀️

21 Dec

I wish you all a very Happy Winter Solstice/Alban Arthan/Yule/Mabon or any other name you know today by.

It is the shortest day of the year. The glorious sunshine and warm breezes, BBQ's and beach days of the summer are but a distant memory now as the witness the darkest point of the year. The trees and bushes are bare, the earth is wet and cold and the weather is plain dark and miserable. We are further from the comforts of summer than we will ever be, and the long cold nights feel like they last a lifetime.

But deep inside us, deep inside this darkness, a flame is lit. The flame of growing light. A gentle little flame that brings hope for the coming months. Today marks the rebirth of the Sun God, the renewal of life. And we who follow him are guardians of his sacred fire. May his flame inspire us all to carry light into the world.

On this Winter Solstice Day, I wish for you that the anticipation of longer and warmer days and the energy of the growing light to warm your heart and soul. For the rebirth of the Sun to inspire your being. This year's Winter Solstice celebrations - like Christmas - will be very different. Still, I wish you a wonderful, inspiring and loving time, wherever you are.

/|\ Vildsyster

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