Emotional Freedom Technique

06 Mar

It is a bit ironic... I decided to start EFT on the matter of being lethargic and unmotivated, and generally rather lazy. I am stuck in a vicious cycle of being overly lazy, and unmotivated and then becoming angry with myself about not achieving anything because I simply can't be bothered.

So the day before yesterday, I actually sat down and started an EFT treatment to see if it made a difference to the issue that I am experiencing. And yesterday... I could not be bothered to do it. A simple sequence of tapping with a dedicated setup phrase, takes.. how long? Ten minutes? And I didn't do it. And once again I am stuck in my own head telling myself off for it. I know I shouldn't but that's easier said than done.

I mean if I at least had a proper reason to not do it. But I don't. I have nothing that distracts me, I am simply put: born idle. And I see this affecting a lot of things around me. The cleanliness of my house for example. Instead of putting things away straight away, I leave them for hours and then end up with putting more than just one cup away. What's the point of this? I don't like my house messy so why not put away the cup that I used straight away? It's not hard now, is it.

Anyway, I need to overcome this laziness.. I need some discipline. You know I have just had a thought. Maybe the EFT should not focus on the lack of motivation as such, but on the lack of discipline. Now all I need it the discipline to sort myself out.

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