DIY: Candle Snuffer

14 Dec

Yesterday, I was looking to purchase a candle snuffer and believe it or not, the cheapest one I found was £7.99. Now, I am not a cheapskate but £7.99 for a stick with a "hat"? Sorry, but no.

If you, like me, know better things to spend that kind of money on, and you need or want a candle snuffer, then please read on.

Here is what you need:
a tealight
a glue gun
a stick (and old paintbrush, chopstick, even a pencil)
some soft leather or string (optional)

The first thing you need to do it get the candle out of the tealight. Then using scissors, cut an incision into the metal base of the tealight.

Then twist the tealight base into the form as shown below. You will have to buff out the tip a bit as it will naturally dent a little bit. But that is easy done.

Then, using your glue gun (although you could probably try superglue), stick your paintbrush/chopstick/pencil to the side of your lovely little hat.

The next step is optional. As you probably have noticed the next step, I have changed my mind and replaced the leather string in the first picture with some string. The leather wasn't playing so it had to go. Using your glue gun again, wrap your string around your newly created candle snuffer.

That is it. Really quick, really easy and if you have everything at home it doesn't cost you a penny. And if you are more DIY-talented than I am (which isn't hard at all) then your result will be prettier, too. I am considering painting mine but I am not sure yet. I might just call it "rustic" and be done with it. 

Vildsyster x

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