Card of the Day & Podcast Recommendation

18 Mar

Today's Card of the Day is the HARE.

The hare, or geàrr in Scottish Gaelic, symbolises rebirth, intuition and balance. It is a creature of the Goddess, the moon and night but at the same time it represents the dawn, and brightness. It is the perfect ally for times of change when negotiation is key, and with its help you will be able to draw on your intuition to guide you.

Does this information apply to you life at this stage? Is there potential change ahead? If so, connect with the hare, and he will guide you, and encourage you to use trust your intuition.

And today I also have a podcast recommendation for you. I am not normally someone to recommend podcasts because I don't know that many, but I would like to recommend this one.

It is called "Wise Women: The Vicar and the Witch".

Maggy Whitehouse, who is a vicar, and Suzi Crockford, who is a witch, both from Dartmore, Devon try to find the linking threads between beliefs and explore the patterns of creation. Their chemistry and humour are simply heartwarming, and their topics are very interesting too. From deep talks about Sheela Na Gigs and the role of ageing women to snoring beagles and beyond, you can expect a lot os laughs, complains about missing cake and even the occasional F-bomb. 

These two ladies are a brilliant example that a vicar and a witch can indeed be friends! 💚

"Sacred Magic, Earth Magic, Feminine Magic. A podcast to show that at the very heart of everything is one beautiful creative force. Whatever your faith or none, we maintain that all is holy and all is worthy of love."

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