Card of the Day & Blessings in Disguise

19 Mar

Today's card of the day is Tinne - Holly.

With its warrior spirit, Holly is all about justice and it helps to protect the weak and the vulnerable. If you find yourself in need of protection, Holly is the tree to ask for help. In your mind, grow a hedge of holly around you, allow her to protect and to guard you. If you feel the need to boost your spirit, think of the Holly's red berries and evergreen leaves that grow even in the coldest of winter and the darkest of times.

Holly is the tree that promises renewal and she reminds you that even bad times shall pass. 

The Card of the Day - Holly - indicating that even bad times will pass is actually fairly fitting today. Yesterday, I had a rather bad day which left me feeling fairly defeated and disappointed. I shed some, well... actually I shed quite a few tears, talking to my sister on the phone and to my husband and for a few hours all my attempts to see the good in certain developments were in vain.

But we all know that sometimes blessings come in disguises and I do feel better this morning. I think sometimes you become so used to certain situations or how things are, that you tend to ignore the niggly bits, the unfairness or certain issues and you accept things as they are knowing that you are not in the position to change them. I suppose I was in such a situation. I enjoyed what I did immensely but looking back at it now, it made me realise that in fact there were more niggles than there should have been. Forgive me for being so vague and mysterious about it but I rather not go into too much detail. And I don't think that I have to either, because I am quite sure that we have all been there: a job, a task, a position, a responsibility, something you work towards, something you put a lot of effort and passion and suddenly someone turns around and says: thanks for baking non-stop over the last three days, your cakes look amazing but we decided to pay a caterer instead.

I have been baking many cakes for a while now, and at this point they are actually fairly good, too. But the cakes are now going to be made by a caterer in which case my cakes that I have been working so har to make, are going in the bin. Reason enough to cry if you ask me. But you know what? Maybe it is not the worst thing. I started out as someone who can't bake and bit by bit and failed cake by failed cake, I worked my way to being a good baker. And even though they put me back on the cooking bench now, I have gained experience. Experience that nobody will take off me. I have some nice cakes that I can give away or eat myself. And if I am being honest with myself, not being dusted in flour all day every day from dawn to dusk isn't so unappealing either. I might even get the opportunity to utilise some of the time I might have spare now.

I guess what I am trying to say is: if you ever get in a situation where you feel cheated, relegated, demoted even, then take a step back and see if someone higher is not maybe reaching out to protect you, to calm your life, to give you the opportunity to shift something that you are not quite happy with but simply accepted as given.

And I shall take my cake now, and take it to those who appreciate it.

Take care! /|\

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