Candle Magic: Lucky candle for success

02 Mar

Who does not need a little bit of luck in their life every now and again? Especially when it comes to success.

All you need you should normally find in your home, in your kitchen to be precise. And don't worry about the green candle. A white candle can stand in for every colour. So no need to buy a fancy green candle if you don't want to.

What you will need:

1 green (or white) candle
1 star anise (for luck)
1 tsp majoram (for happiness)
1 tsp cinnamon (for money & success)
1 tsp ginger (for success)
a few drops of neutral oil or in this case almond would do nicely as it represents prosperity

Optional: create a sigil to carve into your candle. I posted a blog post about Sigils here.

I suggest a small candle, about the size of a birthday cake candle or a tealight as it has to be burn down completely and you don't want to leave the candle unattended. Unless you have the time to sit with your candle of course! 🙂

Grind you herbs and spices into a fine powder.
Carve your sigil into your candle and don't forget to activate it.
Coat the candle in oil and dress it with your herb powder.
Place the candle into a candle holder and leave to dry.

When you are ready to burn the candle, sit down in a quiet place where you are undisturbed for a while, and focus on your intention. What do you want to achieve with this candle? What is your wish? Keep the focus up as long as you can, ideally until the candle is completely burned down. But do not worry, if you can't keep your focus for that long. Just try and come back to it as frequently as you can.

Remember: magic is all about intentions and about focus. The energy you are willing to put in will come back to you. If you feel like this little recipe needs tweaking then please go ahead. This is my recipe, but make it your own. It is your path and yours alone.


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