Braid Wrap

20 Jan

First of all, sorry about the pictures! Honestly, how do you even take proper pictures from that angle without ending up with a huge nose and a frown on your face that could scare Dolores Umbridge. Sorry!

I am currently testing new wrap styles, colours and fabrics.

So far I found that crimp crinkle hijab fabrics are not only beautiful, they are also very soft and hold in place. So far my favourite textile! ☺️

This is a braid wrap made from two different coloured wraps. You put the first wrap over your headband or shaper like you normally would, making sure that both tails are the same length. Fix in place with either a knot or if you are headache prone a safety pin and cross both tails to avoid any gaps later. Now put the second wrap over the first one, fixing it in place and crossing the tails over. Wrap one of the four tails around the head like you normally would and tuck it into place. Now decide which side you would like your braid to be and braid the tails as normal.

I read that in some cultures the braid represents hair and unmarried women would wear the tail down like hair, while married women wrap the tail across the head and tuck it in as shown below. I like both versions.

The wrap is heavier than a standard one, simply because you are looking at two wraps and the braid is fairly heavy, pulling slightly which is not as bad if you wear the version where you cross the braid over your head.

I need some more practice to make  the wrap look neat but overall I am quite keen on it. x

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